5 Snippets to For Althetics

  • Beware of Smoking & Tobacco use

Close to 440,000 deaths occur each year in US alone; most of the preventable diseases like Emphysema, Throat Cancer or even heart diseases are a result of tobacco use. In order to stay healthier and live longer it is better one quit tobacco use; the sooner the better.

  • Check the weighing scale

Being overweight is quite common now-a-days; risks of high blood pressure, cholesterol or even heart diseases and strokes are much higher for overweight individuals. One must use a high-fiber, low-fat diet, coupled with regular exercise to shake of extra ounces. It is also good ideal to follow FLF diet once in a year to cleanse your body and to keep that good shape.

  • Avoid excessive sunbathing/tanning

Although Vitamin D is very much essential to the body and Sun is the known source of it; but most people tend to overdo the practice of sunbathing or tanning; although not much in number, but long term sun exposure is also known to be the main reason of skin cancer.

  • Avoid Staying Up

Sleep is one of the key ingredients to achieving a good health and feeling fresh in the morning. Keep your evenings calm and try going to bed by 10 as many days possible; the hours before midnight are worth double the ones later.

  • Don’t ignore shots/physicals

For instance an adult is supposed to get a tetanus booster every 10th year; similar preventive shots are to be taken on time and physical examinations must be done regularly and not ignored as many tend to do so; a disease caught at the earliest forms can be acted upon without much complications

So, the basic idea is to be close to nature in terms of food and exercise and to be aware of the state of body and mind in terms of regular check-ups from time to time.

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Diet Plan for Footballers

Non-sweetened cereals high in fiber are a key ingredient in a footballer’s diet. It is easy to prepare, and quick to eat. Their diets should be able to provide them with the energy and endurance so a diet prepared for a footballer should be composed of foods that will boost both energy and endurance especially on practice and days leading to a big game.

Their meal plan should be high in carbohydrates and proteins. The carbohydrates are an important element in the diet of athletes. Footballers and soccer players especially need additional amounts of carbohydrates because this fuels the brain and the nervous system. It also provides the muscles with enough energy to keep running the length of the football field several times over. Good sources of carbohydrates are muffins, pasta and potatoes.

Another important component is protein. Protein is important in the creation of new cells and the health of existing cells. It is important though, to be watchful enough so that your protein intake is only 10 percent of your total dietary intake. Too much protein will cause toxins to build up in the muscles and other organs in the body. Beans, poultry, lean meats, and dairy products are excellent sources of protein.

Sports drinks, an easy way to replenish the fluids lost in a game. While in a game, it is also wise to give your footballer a sports drink so that he doesn’t suffer from dehydration. A sports drink is complete with water, sodium, electrolytes and glucose to keep his muscles flexible and prevent pain during and after the game. Aside from the special components mentioned above, a footballer’s diet is basically a high calorie balanced diet that will help build bulk and store energy.

Are you addicted to sugar? Beat them

Beat Your Food Cravings

Many people suffer from food craving occasionally. Craving is always for a certain specific food or type of food, not just anything to satisfy hunger. Generally the craving is felt for candy, chocolate or something that will give sugar or carbohydrates to the body. It could even be the craving for potato chips or an extra glass of wine.

Quite often people think it is bad habits that are responsible for this craving, or that the person has poor will power. That is really not the case! The food cravings have biological reasons and to beat the food craving we must understand these underlying reasons.

Reasons for food craving

Whenever we are exhausted or we feel depressed we have low blood sugar condition and the body signals brain that it needs something to pep-it-up. This results in a craving for sugar or carbohydrates. One of the causes for this behavior is Serotonin, our basic feel-good hormone. The conditions of low level of Serotonin and low level of blood-sugar go hand-in-hand. That is why whenever there is less of Serotonin; we feel a craving for sweet food such as chocolates to make up for the shortage of sugar in blood.

Unfortunately, sugar or carbohydrates release only a short burst of serotonin; when that burst dies down, the craving returns. This leads us into a spiral.

Another reason is Adrenal Fatigue. When you feel stressed out or feel run own, when you have not had a restful sleep or you are feeling very tired for no specific reason, you are suffering from adrenal fatigue. In very severe cases the condition is called adrenal exhaustion. In the modern world this health disorder is quite common, but unfortunately it is very rarely appreciated as such.

In case of Adrenal Fatigue also the body sends a signal to the brain for a pick-me-up and that is your craving for sugar or carbohydrate snacks, or may be, coffee during the day; at night you may look for alcohol or carbohydrates. All of this only makes the problem worse.

It is also seen that persons, who keep themselves on a low fat, low carbohydrate diet on a long time or have been taking appetite suppressants, do have food craving; it is because they have become at least partially insulin resistant without realizing this condition. In the normal course blood sugar level of the body is maintained stable by the action of insulin; insulin signals the cells of the body to absorb glucose from the bloodstream when necessary. Because of their insulin resistant condition, the cells do not respond to the signal and cannot mop up glucose they need. This results in a distress signal to the brain asking for more carbohydrates or sugar. The body thus receives excess calories which are deposited as fat and the person starts gaining weight in spite of eating less. 5 foods that fights sugar craving <<read this

Beating the craving

If you appreciate the basic reasons for the craving, then beating the food craving can be done. It may take a little time but it can be done. To break food cravings, the body needs real healthy foods, additional nutritional supplements (of pharmaceutical–grade) at times; this and moderate exercise can help curb cravings. This process may take some time, but it will succeed. My advice is the buy supplements like phen375 which also enhances metabolism.