10 Tips To Getting A More Effective Aerobic Workout

1. Always choose an aerobic workout video according to your level of experience. There is nothing wrong with beginner videos. Never feel like you are in such a hurry that you bypass the first basic steps to fitness needed before moving up to the advanced aerobic workouts.

2. It is best to consult with a physician prior to beginning any aerobic workout regimen. If your physician recommends a specific plan, always be sure to follow it precisely.

3. If you feel that you have pulled a muscle or have suffered another type of aerobic related injury, stop your exercise program and rest. If the pain does not subside, consider applying a warm pack or towel to the injury. If you suspect that the injury is severe or may require medical attention, consult a physician immediately. Do not continue working out as this may only make the injury worse.

4. While doing your aerobic exercises, listen to your favorite tunes on the DVD player. If you are working out to an exercise video, simply turn the volume down if you already know the regimen. If you prefer to workout independently, music is a terrific way to keep you motivated and help you to maintain the pace.

5. If you are planning to enroll in an aerobic class, stop by and watch the class being taught before signing up. This will give you a good idea as to the length of time and level of physical activity that is required by a particular instructor.

6. When participating in any type of exercise program, which includes aerobic workouts, always wear comfortable clothes that are preferably made of cotton. This is the most breathable fabric and will provide the most comfort and ease of movement while working out.

7. At the conclusion of your aerobic workout, always perform several minutes of cool down exercises to get your body cooled down and slowly returned to a normal heart rate. This is better than rapidly stopping your aerobic workout.

This article is to be used for informational purposes only and is not intended to be in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice regarding aerobic exercise. Prior to beginning any workout regimen, an individual should consult their physician for proper recommendations.