Can You Build Lean Muscle Without Supplements?

While not always a necessity, bulking up is not possible without supplements for certain people. Even if you’re not one of those people, they can certainly help you gain muscle mass much quicker than you initially thought. Tired of waiting around for results to no avail? Then give some of the market’s most potent supplements a try.

Muscle Building Supplements

It goes without saying that you should consult a doctor, nutritionist or fitness expert before you try out any supplements for bulking up. None of the more popular ones are particularly dangerous to health, but if you have certain allergies and other health sensitivities, you might want to make sure to avoid harmful side effects.

What kind of supplements will help you bulk up, you say? Here’s a short guide to some varieties that can put on the muscle mass.

Protein – It’s the thing everybody knows will help nourish and build your muscles. Getting copious amounts of it will definitely be on your mind when you really need to bulk up, but which kinds will help you get the most results?

Whey Protein – This kind of protein supplement will be digested rapidly for instant energy and muscle power in the gym. Great for when you need to push through longer, and more intense workout session.

Casein Protein –

Digests slowly, but works over a longer time period better. You can use this after a workout, because it works under the surface, even when you sleep.


Also known as creatine monohydrate, creatine supplements are known as safe and fast-acting for people wanting to bulk up faster. A strong catalyst of protein synthesis, it can also have other health benefits aside from helping your muscles grow bigger and stronger than ever.

Healthy Foods

A nice, healthy diet can go hand in hand with the most potent supplements on the market. In addition to your whey, casein and creatin, supplement those supplements with a balanced diet with nutritious and delicious foods like seafood, lean red meat, nuts and egg whites.


Instead of guzzling energy drink after energy drink at the gym or at home, try a fresh glass of water instead. You’ll usually mix in water with your whey or other powdered supplements anyway, so it is not technically possible to bulk up without drinking plenty of water. The majority of your body, muscle or not, is made of it!

In addition to seeking the advice of a doctor before trying out a supplement, you should always follow the dosage instructions written on your supplements’ packaging. Not heeding the proper dosage instructions, or any other warning labels on the packaging for that matter, can lead to potentially damaging side effects to your general health.

Be sure you don’t forget the most basic elements of building up muscle: plenty of exercise, and a strict diet of healthy foods. It won’t be possible to bulk up if you don’t have the genetics, or if you expect the supplements to do all of the work for you!