Gets Huge Followers on Social Media Channels has successfully created a social media presence by engaging consumers via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. The site’s Channel on YouTube now has close to 800 subscribers and has over 80,000 video views and nearly 200,000 total video views.

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In addition, was recently ranked among the top 100 alternative health sites in the world with over 2 million page views a month. [source]

“We are extremely thrilled that people are actively engaging with us via Facebook and other social media outlets,” says Mr. John Babu, one of the Co-Founders and CEO of “This shows that people are not only interested in learning about healthy alternative remedies, but also seeking practical guidance beyond the confines of traditional medical and healthcare services.”

The company aims to generate more traffic and awareness through increased promotion of the site on social media networks.

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Internet Firm (HBP Media Service) has registered more than 30 million unique visitors on its various web portals in last 18 months. The company has a strong online presence on social media websites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube where its strong followers base includes over 10 million users.

Health Buzz Portal is a Web 2.0 media platform that harnesses the power of technology and original content to bring valuable information to healthcare professionals and consumers alike. It is a leading healthcare information company and offers information on wide range of topics i.e. health news, medical updates, health care tips, medical information and health related articles. Health Buzz Portal is a one-stop place for all health and wellness needs. recent articles gone viral online

The latest information about health related topics is being talked about on – the website where the latest health information is posted daily by the top health experts in their fields. Just go to to view all the latest health news!

Popular stories include tips on how to avoid gaining weight during the holidays; how to keep children healthy over the holidays; how to sleep better at night; and how to cope with stress during this holiday season.

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The most popular story this week was about how to stay happy during the holiday season. Non-fiction articles on topics such as cancer, pregnancy, diet and fitness are also extremely popular on the site. Each article brings a wealth of advice to the table for readers of all ages and health levels. The site offers something for everyone!


The first urgent message generates the most clicks. A recent post on the site drew nearly 140,000 hits in less than 10 days – many thanks to blogger Bill Fordyce for alerting his readers to the daily news feeds.

“The most surprising thing about the first article was how few readers clicked on it at first,” says Dr. Cynthia Bailey, RN, BSN, FAAN, the site’s lead administrator. “But those that did click quickly became regular readers.”